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Wagner PLLC prides itself on its unique approach to the practice of law. We place our clients at the center of the legal practice and pursue our clients’ objectives in the most efficient and transparent manner. We are here to help you understand your legal options, relieve any apprehension you may have, and handle your legal work. Most importantly, we are here to fight for you!

Why Our Firm?

  • Wagner PLLC combines government and private sector experience under one umbrella. Our criminal practice is anchored by the experience of a former Assistant Attorney for the Office of the Attorney General and a private practitioner.


  • Most attorneys are not trial attorneys. Most have never stepped foot in court to make an oral argument before a judge. Many more have never gone to trial! You want an attorney with the experience and comfort to fight for you in court – not just on paper. When you retain Wagner PLLC, you will get that experienced attorney who will make live arguments on your behalf.


  • Many law firms use students, interns, and clerks to interact with clients and do most of the work on a case. At Wagner PLLC, we believe in direct representation. When you hire Wagner PLLC, your attorney will work directly with you every step of the way.

  • Many attorneys do not have the privilege of speaking multiple languages. At Wagner PLLC, we speak English, Spanish, and French.

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Camille Wagner 

Defense Attorney at Law

Camille Wagner is the founder of Wagner PLLC. As the founder of this firm, Camille has experience in both criminal litigation matters in both Federal and State Courts. She is an experienced defense attorney who is barred in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Florida. Camille was an Assistant Attorney General in the district before becoming a private practitioner. Camille now commits her time to zealously defending her clients. 

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Our Founder

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 At Wagner PLLC, we are eager to meet with you to discuss your legal matters. We aim to provide truly exceptional service by doing stellar legal work and providing peace-of-mind to our clients. We provide clarity early on and keep you updated on the progression of your case as it progresses. And for your convenience, our lawyers also speak fluent Spanish and French.