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When your business becomes a party to a lawsuit, your livelihood is at risk. An adverse judgment can devastate your financial future. Whether your business is the Plaintiff or the Defendant, you need an experienced business litigation attorney to protect your interests. The attorneys at Wagner PLLC have the courtroom experience necessary to protect your business and your financial future.

Types of Business Litigation:

  1. Breach of Contract

  2. Employment Disputes:

  3. Torts and Tortious Interference

  4. Unfair Business Practices


Relief Available

In the Complaint, the Plaintiff asks the court to grant them specific relief. The Defendant may also ask for relief from the Plaintiff in a counterclaim. Relief is usually money for damages caused by the other party. It may include punitive damages and/or attorney fees. The parties may also ask the court to grant injunctive relief, which requires the other party to perform or cease a specific action.


If your business faces a lawsuit, whether you are the Plaintiff or the Defendant, call us now! With an experienced business litigation attorney by your side, Wagner PLLC will fight for you.

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